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Since 1978, the brand m-tec has been synonymous with innovative solutions for manufacturing, logistics and processing of pre-mixed construction materials as well as fine-grained bulk materials. Around the globe, in almost 100 countries, m-tec improved, accelerated and economized building processes.

m-tec is a mid-sized German company with representatives and sales in almost every region of the world. All of our key-products are designed and produced by m-tec.

Due to our roots we have a deep understanding of industrial pre-mixes and can offer to our customers a unique range of expert advice, professional equipment and engineering capacities for plant solutions and of processing machinery at the job site.

Our innovative technology is also suitable for any kind of fine-grained and dry bulk-material. By the way innovation by m-tec means successful creation of more than 100 patents and utility models.

منتجات وخدمات

Dry Mortar Plant (e.g. MTA)

The MTA of m-tec is a high performance mixing tower plant with an output from 5 – 100 t/h and puts our customers technically at the top. The plant model features compact, vertical layout and modular design. This minimizes operating costs due to the energetically favorable gravity flow of the material. And enables the plant to be easily extended and upgraded.

Horizontal batch mixer (e.g. MR)

MR mixers are outstanding for their residue-free mixer discharge systems: The blended material is discharged into a hopper by two discharge flaps covering the entire length of the mixer. Just a small percentage of residues are left in the mixer and with the optional available cleaning this residue could be even reduced.

Application machines for building site

Storing and transport of your product directly to the point of use, e. g. a mixing pump on the building site. Key property of our machine technology is the mixing and adaptability to a wide variety of materials.


m-tec mathis technik GmbH
Otto-Hahn Str. 4–6
79395 Neuenburg am Rhein

الهاتف:: +49 7631 7090

Matthias Renkert
Divisional Sales Director
الهاتف:: +49 7631 709151

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