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Eurobend GmbH

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Eurobend Group is an innovative, progressive group of companies servicing the Wire/Tube, Construction and Pre-cast Concrete Industries.

Our group has long experience and is a manufacturer of:

  • Mesh Welding Lines, processing coiled or pre-cut,
    wire, tube or rebar.

  • Straightening and Cutting Machines, processing
    coiled wire or rebar.

  • Automatic Stirrup Bending Machines, processing
    coiled re-bar or straight bars.

  • Continuous Spiral Stirrup Bending Machines,
    processing coiled wire or rebar.

  • Pre-cast Building Systems and Special Welding
    Lines, for building construction and concrete
    prefabricated products.

  • Concrete Reinforcing Cage Assembly Machines, for
    pre-cast or at site construction elements.

  • Multi-axis Straightening, Bending / Forming and
    Cutting Machines, processing coiled or pre-cut wire,
    rebar or tube.

  • Accessories for all the above, like Pay-off Stations,
    Mesh Benders, Roller Conveyors, Bundling Machines,
    Shear Lines, etc.

منتجات وخدمات

  • Welding Lines for Standard - Engineered - Special

  • Electro-welded Mesh Panels Welding Lines for
    Concrete Prefabricated Products Block (Ladder) &

  • Truss Mesh Welding Lines Wire Spacer Welding Lines

  • Straightening and Cutting Machines Automatic Stirrup

  • Bending Machines Continuous Spiral Stirrup Bending

  • Machines Cut & Bend Lines Rebar Reinforcing

  • Processing Lines for Pre-cast Building Systems

  • Concrete Reinforcing Cage Assembly Machines Multiaxis

  • Wire Straightening, Bending / Forming, Cutting &
    Welding Machines

أخبار وإبداعات

The AKK Series (Patented) New Concept in Mesh Production, Outperforms all existing methods 

The new “AKK” welding line has set new standards in mesh production: The machine design eliminates all idle times and at least doubles productivity in comparison to conventional welding lines All advantages from off-coil and pre-cut welding machines and more in one machine...| » المزيد 

AMM SERIES - Fully automatic welding lines for the production of customized mesh 

Any type of mesh can be produced instantly without any adjustments Capable of producing large and small batches-orders consecutively without any downtime. The PATENTED extremely fast and automatic coil changing system enables the processing of different re-bar diameters in the same mesh. Auto...| » المزيد 


Automatic Re-bar STRAIGHTENING & CUTTING MACHINE, processing up to six (6) interchangeable coils. | » المزيد 


Eurobend GmbH
Allersberger Str. 185, Geb. G–3
90461 Nuremberg

الهاتف:: +49 911 9498980

George Adamis
Sales Director
الهاتف:: +30 693 6191886

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