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Wyco®, a division of Badger Meter, has a long history of developing safe, high-quality products for the concrete and paving industries, including handheld electric and portable gasoline-powered vibrators as well as hydraulic vibrators for paving machines.

Its products feature the exclusive Square Head vibrator head design for faster consolidation.

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Wyco® concrete finishing products

Wyco® products have been serving the most demanding concrete consolidation applications for more than 70 years. The internal concrete vibrators consolidate freshly poured concrete so that the trapped air and excess of water are released and the concrete settles firmly in place in the formwork.

The product offering goes from electric handheld concrete vibrators available in 115V and 230V over gasoline powered backpack vibrators to hydraulic vibrators, screed boards and heads.

As against traditional round heads, Wyco® vibrator heads are square shaped. Square heads offer a faster concrete consolidation (in 15 seconds as against 26 seconds for the same amount of concrete) and also cover more area in the same size of concrete as compared to round shaped heads.

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Lightweight backpack vibrator ErgoPack® 

Operating concrete vibrators is often thought of as back-breaking work – but it doesn’t have to be! While tight schedules, smaller construction crews and non-tethered mobility have made backpack vibrators a mainstay on many job sites, most backpack vibrators unevenly distribute weight resulting in operator fatigue, reduced productivity, and in some cases, back or shoulder injuries.

The ErgoPack® is a backpack vibrator that offers an ergonomic design where the engine weight is properly supported by the operator’s hips. The ErgoPack® improves overall job site productivity by delaying operator fatigue, discouraging injury-prone postures, and ultimately making a hard day's work just a little more comfortable.


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رقم الموقع: Z6 B31