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EIPA Group

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EIPA is in the business for more than 100 years and wear protection is our core business!

We are servicing our customers successfully in the fourth and fifth family generation. Already in 1960, we began protecting components and constructions from abrasion, erosion and corrosion.

It is our objective to keep any downtime and the associated loss of production for our customers as low as possible.

The EIPA compound plates, manufactured with the “flux-cored wire plus” in-house welding process, TÜV-certified and adhering to all requirements of current quality standards, is the key of our success.

However, we do not simply rest on these laurels but continue to research and search for new solutions for all sectors within the heavy industry which are affected by wear and tear.

منتجات وخدمات

Thanks to the irreplaceable experience, the tribological knowledge and the well-founded construction know-how of our staff, we have been able to successfully position ourselves in the market as significant company in the area of wear protection abrasion/erosion.

  • Wear plates bimetallic
  • Hardfaced pipes
  • Hardfaced screw conveyors
  • Hardfaced mixer blades
  • Hardfaced chutes, rollers, bars, crushing tools, screens, etc.

Due to our many years of experience in developing, manufacturing and using welding materials against abrasion and corrosion, we are a dependable partner for your business.

Not only are we on hand to assist you with the selection of welding materials, but also with welding processes in the workshop or on the building site. Excellent weldability with high quality hardfacing materials!

Our welding consumables are generally available in the following forms:

  • Flux cored wires
  • Powder materials
  • Stick electrodes
  • Solid wires, brazing alloys
  • Flux cored and solid rods


EIPA Group
Wurmbenden 10–12
52070 Aachen

الهاتف:: +49 241 968120
الفاكس:: +49 241 9681212

Dr. Agah Meric Sevim
Technical Consultant - CTO
الهاتف:: +49 172 3209128

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