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B.T innovation GmbH

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B.T. innovation is an internationally renowned company in development, production and supply of innovative product solutions for precast plants and construction sites.

Its wide product portfolio includes sealant products, magnetic and shuttering systems, connection technologies and consulting services for the precast concrete industry.

Thanks to its patented efficient products and acquisition of a well-known machinery manufacturer, BT offers complete solutions for affordable housing projects.

منتجات وخدمات

B.T innovation offers a wide range of innovative products and services, of which the main categories are as follows:

  • Magnet and shuttering systems for precast concrete production.

  • Connection systems for precast elements.

  • Sealing products for various concrete applications.

  • Unique Butterfly-Battery mold for efficient production of precast panels.

  • World class consulting service for design, extension or optimization of concrete precast plants around the world.
    As a result of a comprehensive research project, BT has also developed a Low-Cost-House concept which avails brilliant cost and time efficiency.

Furthermore, together with its sister company Maxtruder GmbH, BT is capable of supplying high quality machinery

  • Hollow-Core bed production lines, Extruder systems.

  • Bed production lines for slip former systems.

  • Hydraulic tilt-up tables for precast elements production.

  • Turnkey precast concrete plants.

أخبار وإبداعات

BT innovation GmbH & Maxtruder GmbH 

It is our pleasure to announce that "Weiler Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH" has found a new investor. "B.T. innovation GmbH" bought the Know-how of Weiler, founded in 1954 and well-known as one of the best world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of German machines for the internation...| » المزيد 

BT Low Cost House Concept 

The B.T. Low Cost Housing concept is developed to provide safe, high quality and affordable living spaces around the world. The concept is based on using an efficient prefabrication method to produce all elements of a house out of precast reinforced concrete, and assemble it in a very short ti...| » المزيد 

Consulting for precast factories 

No matter whether you are building a new precast concrete plant, modernize your existing precast plant or simply want to use the available resources more efficiently, we are happy to provide our consulting services that will help you to receive your goals. In addition to previous succesful proj...| » المزيد 


B.T innovation GmbH
Sudenburger Wuhne 60
39116 Magdeburg

الهاتف:: +49 391 73520
الفاكس:: +49 391 735252

Mohammad Daei
Area Sales Manager
الهاتف:: +49 391 735248

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