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Deutsche Basalt Faser GmbH

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DBF – Deutsche Basalt Faser GmbH is the first manufacturer of basalt fiber in the European Union, producing since 2008 in Sangerhausen, Germany. Volcanic basalt stones are melted down at 1400°C and formed into a fiber.

Over the years DBF GmbH has been actively working on development of basalt fiber applications for the construction industry.

The company is dedicated to the development of sizing and coating materials, in order to produce basalt fiber resistant to alkaline. In Cooperation with different German Institutes positive results have been achieved. Durability of modified basalt fiber was proved after 360 days in constant aggressive alkaline environment (pH 13,5 and 40°C).

Based on this results company is focused on applications for concrete reinforcement such as: Reinforcement meshes, Rebars and different kind of Chopped fibers. Basalt fiber as reinforcement material is an ecologically friendly and recyclable product for construction industry with great economic value.


Deutsche Basalt Faser GmbH
Carls-Rabe-Str. 11
06526 Sangerhausen

الهاتف:: +49 3464 2767690
الفاكس:: +49 3464 2767696

Vasim Barkavi
Project Manager
الهاتف:: +49 179 8163427

الألياف البازلتية الألمانية ذ٠م٠م
شارع كارل رابة

الهاتف:: +49 3464 2767690
الفاكس:: +49 3464 2767696

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